The Rules of Ready 2 Game and Ready 2 Game Affiliates

No fighting with each other.

Heated debates - we are human and this will happen so go to another channel.

Be respectfull to everyone, no racisim and no discrimination of peoples sexuality.

No crying to administration about people unless you really have no other option.

(You must try to sort out your own problems we are not your mother or father if you have a problem with someone and did not make a attempt to sort the problem and come crying to administration you may find your self banned).

But keep in mind we have a 3 chance policy, and every allegation is investigated on both sides.

Ready 2 Game Administration, Blackice504, Mibtech, Smurf, Decyn.

Expanded Rules and the Workings of Ready 2 Games.

How Ready 2 Game Community works,

it is very simple Ready 2 Games acts as a Base Community for many different games and style of games so for each game there is a 2 elected game master that game master applies the base rules of ready 2 game and makes his/hers extended rules based on that game.

How we know if there is a game master on another game?

There are two ways in the description of a group / clan / guild there is a line that states they have an Affiliation with ready 2 game in there info and also on the Teamspeak server in the channel description's of each game that has been made a supported game by the community they would have the game master name's and who plays also there will be a category in our forum and the game master will manage this section of our forum.

How do I request Ready 2 Game to support a game that I play and wish to get support from the community?

Simple just ask one of the administration then there will be a short meeting between the administration and game masters to see if we have other players to play that game if you are the only person that has played the game you will become the game master of that game.

There is other small requirements of becoming a game master of a game that is supported by ready 2 game, Apply the Ready 2 Game, Base Rules, add a description in your fleet, guild, group that you have an affiliation with Ready 2 Game and have been a member of Ready 2 Game more then 4 weeks.

The main reason that you must apply a Ready 2 Game affiliation is so people know who you are ect. and also as a Game Master you have the choice to call your fleet, guild, squad, group what ever you like as some names do not fit well with games for example you would not want to have High Aces for a game like Champions Online because it just does not suit that game such a group would be named in a fighter pilot game or space game, that is why we let you choose as a game master your groups name for the game you play.


Ready 2 Game would like to encourage its members of the ready 2 game community to log on to Teamspeak as often as possible just so it is easy to communicate between the many games that we support but also to give members a welcome feeling through out the community, also if you see a member by him self you are allowed to have that member in your sub channel and just chat the sub channels for different games are mainly there so it is not a distraction when in a STF or raid or what ever you maybe doing in the game that you play, you also may talk about any thing you like but keep in mind the base rules, but remember we are all human and we all have different beliefs and cultures so if you do feel offended by what someone said pull them a side talk to them about it I am sure many people will understand and respect your wishes but remember as well if you are offended by something and it is the whole room that is offending you, just jump to other channel or speak to all of them.

Ready 2 Game is an open closed community meaning that we are open to all that know us via some means but closed to the internet to protect our community it is find for you to bring a friend that is not apart of the community as long as they are shown the base rules of Ready 2 Game there will be no problems.

Remember all members of Ready 2 Game community may add there avatar and upload files to each other, but please remember once you finish uploading your file and the other person has got it please delete your files, unless you find that the content you uploaded maybe useful to other members.