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This site is provided by Storm Cell Systems as a non profit venture, to encourage people who share an Interest in computer gaming.

You will find our forum for Ready 2 Game and Ts3 Viewer to see who is online, our Teamspeak 3 Server is closed to the public you must,

A) be registered via a forum and Ts3 Info will be provided.

B) you are a member of one our gaming groups.

C) you are a friend of someone in Ready 2 Game.

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Who is Ready 2 Game?


Ready 2 Game are a group of gamers that enjoy Computer games of many types, hence we formed an online community for many popular games and some games that we just enjoy, our community is Vast from I.T people to People who Serve in Armed Foceses, Construction, ect... You maybe thinking what we all have in common ? Simple we enjoy Computer Gaming.


We also have some of our own Private Servers for different Games, such as.


Kerbal Space Program.




What games do we play?


Maybe its better you ask what games we don't play but here is a small list.

Star Trek Online.

Lord Of The Rings Online.

Elder Scrolls Online.



Heroes & Generals.


We also host some chat rooms for non gamers as well like.

Web Development


Tech Channel.

We also have exclusive Mod Packs for some games we play.

Kerbal Space Program.